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Purchasing and Licensing

Kinnex MediaGateway licenses are perpetual.

Kinnex MediaGateway is licensed on a per user bases. What this means is you need a one Access License for every Lync or Skype for Business Server user that is going to connect from SIP Phone. Usually, the number of Access Licenses is equal to the number of SIP Phones connected via Kinnex MediaGateway.

Kinnex BToE Connector licenses are perpetual.

Kinnex BToE Connector is licensed on a concurrent basis. What thi means is you need a Kinnex BToE Connector license for every device running Connector at one given time. The number of licenses for Kinnex BToE Connector may be less than the number of Access Licenses for Kinnex MediaGateway.


If you have 100 SIP Phones in your company and want to connect all of them to Lync or Skype for Business Server; however, only 50 users will use Kinnex BToE Connector at any one given time, you will need 100 Kinnex MediaGateway Access Licenses and 50 licenses for Kinnex BToE Connector.

Updates subscription within 12 months after the first activation of the license is provided free of charge.

After the first 12 months, your updates subscription will expire. To continue receiving software updates you can renew updates subscription. Updates subscription comes in 12-month blocks. The cost depends on the total number of licenses to Kinnex MediaGateway and Kinnex BToE Connector.

Renewing your updates subscription is entirely optional. Updates subscription renewals commence from the date of payment confirmation, regardless of when the license or updates subscription renewal was purchased earlier.


To install Kinnex MediaGateway follow these steps:

  • Install on a dedicated or virtual Server Windows 2008/2012/2016 Server. Check and install all available Windows updates (even optional updates).
  • Join Server to the domain.
  • Install to Server Lync or Skype for Business Administrative Tools. Check and install all available Windows updates (even optional updates). Install latest Cumulative Server Update for Lync or Skype for Business Server (see Install Updates)
  • Configure Lync or Skype for Business Server (see Enabling PIN Authentication and Setting up PIN Authentication policy).
  • Download and install Kinnex MediaGateway to Server.
  • In the Kinnex MediaGateway Control Panel:
    • Import users from Lync of Skype for Business Server
    • Set PIN to users
  • Configure SIP account settings on your SIP phone to connect to Kinnex MediaGateway, or setup provisioning service infrastructure for automated configuration of devices.

To install Kinnex BToE Connector follow these steps:

  1. Configure DNS SRV records for clients to be able to autoconnect to Kinnex MG servers.
    • Create A records for every Kinnex MG server. The hostname must be one, the IP addresses are different.

      Example А А

    • Create SRV records in your internal DNS for every SIP domain for _kinnexbtoe service and use the hostname created in the previous step.

      For the SIP domain, create SRV record with the hostname created at step 1

    At startup BToE Connector will sends a query for the SRV record _kinnexbtoe._tcp.[domain part from the user's SIP URI], and then make a query for the A record with the hostname from the received SRV record. After finding the IP addresses of the Kinnex MG servers, BToE Connector will attempt to authorize with the Skype for Business user on each Kinnex MG server. On successful authorization, the server address for the user will be saved for authorization in the future. If the user moves to another Kinnex MG server, the autoconnect procedure will be repeated.

  2. Install Kinnex BToE Connector on workstations.

    Kinnex BToE Connector can be installed on a user's computer locally with administrator rights or remotely with the Domain Group Policy Object (GPO).

To upgrade Kinnex MediaGateway to the new version simply run and proceed through the install wizard. During the upgrading to the new version, the previous version will be removed and a complete backup of the DB files will be created automatically.


To collect support logs find the file Kinnex.MediaGateway.Service.ini in the Kinnex MediaGateway data folder (normally C:\ProgramData\Kinnex Media Gateway) and in the section [Log] uncomment following properties:


In the subfolder \log will be created file named Kinnex.MediaGateway.Service.log with extended logs.

To enable or disable extended logs level restart of Kinnex MediaGateway services is not required.


Collecting extended logs requires additional system resources. After collecting logs, comment in the .ini file properties for enabling extended logs level.

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